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Fijian Customs & Culture E-Book

 Fijian Customs and Culture – A Brief Guide and Handbook 

by Sai Lealea
Throughout this book the term Fijian refers to the indigenous people of Fiji.
For any one wishing to gain a general understanding of Fijian Culture and Customs, it can be a challenge finding useful information or guide as what to learn in order to be able to conduct oneself when amongst the people of Fiji.
As a Fijian, I know I have always been keen to have an accessible handbook from which I could quickly glean and learn the basics about my Fijian culture, especially those elements that form part of everyday life. 
In my work, I have often been approached to provide advice, deliver language lessons and presentation on Fijian culture or translate Fijian materials. I have been fortunate to have learned and lived my culture all these years and am now keen to share it with those wishing to gain some basic understanding.

That is the aim of this book:
  • to show you how to get started in developing a basic and general understanding of key aspects of Fijian culture and customs. It is not intended as a comprehensive guide but enough to be able to gain an appreciation of its importance and significance to Fijians.
In this book I have attempted to bring together and summarised materials that are contained in various publications into one to serve as a guide and handbook.

It is my hope that with the topics covered in this book, those of you interested in learning and understanding Fijian culture and customs will at least have access to material that would come in handy and useful. 
Topics covered include the following:
  • I Cavucavu ni Vosa Vakaviti - Pronunciation
  • Vula Vakaviti - Fijian Calendar
  • Wiliwili Vakaviti - Fijian Numbers
  • A I Cavuti – Chiefly Titles for Province and District
  • Na I Vosavosa Vakaviti – Fijian Idioms and Proverbs
  • Etiquette for Visiting a Fijian Village  
  • Useful Resources


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Relationship Success : Key Things to Keep in Mind for a Healthy Relationship


Key Things to Keep in Mind for a Healthy Relationship

Having a healthy and fulfilling relationship is very, very critical to the success of any personal bond. It affects everything!

That is the aim of this book – to show you how to get started in developing and maintaining your personal relationship to ensure you succeed in the long term. Yes you may have tough times along the way, But the key is how you pick yourself up and begin again. That is why this book even includes tips to:

"Improve Your Relationship - 10 Ways To Fall In Love Again With Your Partner"

With the tips discussed in this book, it is my hope that at least one or more of them would come in handy for you – or anyone.

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Topics covered in this E-Book are all geared to provide a good menu of actions and advice to keep revitalising your relationship over and over again!

Some key topics covered include:
  • Empowering Relationships 
  •  Relationship Visioning 
  • Setting  Relationship Goals 
  • Dealing with  Stressful Relationship
  • Avoiding Relationship Killers 
  • Falling in Love Again
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Bring Back A Lost Love

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Holiday Season Tips for Happy Relationship

Here are 10 relationship tips to make the holiday season as happy as you want
Adapted from Brenda Rawlings piece in the NZ Herald

1. Remember what's important. A young boy once said: "Love is what's in the room at Christmas, when you stop opening presents, and listen." Let go of perfection; go back to basics.
2. Value your relationship as the central pivot for your family. Put it first, over the tasks, the trappings, even the traditions of the New Year. None of it has value unless you and your partner can provide the atmosphere you want. Your children will take the cue from the two of you.
3. Talk to each other. Say to your partner, "I'd like to talk about what we would like this year. Is this a good time?" If it's not, try to find a mutually okay time within the next 24 hours. Set a time limit so you both know the time frames. Half an hour is a good start. Sit down and talk about your hopes, dreams, fears and expectations. Tell them what you remember as a child about holidays and why you want it to be a particular way. For many of us, our parents' daily patterns are magnified at get-togethers, for example, a mother's desire for perfectionism and need for approval and a father's silence and veiled criticism of her. Then swap and listen to your partner's experience.
4. Be there for each other. In most relationships one of you will want to talk and one of you will avoid talking. Take a deep breath. It is your relationship with each other which will have more impact than any present/meal/and so on. Say when you feel overwhelmed. Just knowing that your partner is willing to really listen and make sense of what is important to you can help to ease the tension and increase a sense of connection. Don't expect your partner to be able to mind read or know what you need - tell them.
5. Identify together the specific causes of your holiday stress. What causes the most stress and anxiety for you? Money worries? Tension with certain family members? Work out how to manage those issues together.
6. Share at a family meeting. Once you and your partner know how you would like this time to be, consider having a larger family meeting with your children so that your whole family can plan the New Year with some give and take that can make everyone happy.
7. Be on a team. Know that it's quite normal when you get together with your siblings and parents for some of the old family patterns to re-emerge. Share with your partner what you notice you do when you are around your family. They may be able to help you be different so you don't have to feel smaller or less of who you are. If you see your partner collapsing into old behaviour around their parents, feel compassion and empathy for how it might have been for them growing up in that environment. Reach out to them and remind them you are a team.
8. What do you need for yourself? Try to do one thing each day that is looking after yourself. Try to do one fun thing each day that connects you with your partner. It can be as simple as sharing the morning paper cartoon.
9. Take time out. Have an agreement between the two of you that it's okay to ask them to hold the fort while you have five minutes' time out. Find a quiet place, even if it's the bathroom. Stress, anxiety and depression are common during the festive season. Reassure yourself that these feelings are normal. Make a pact with your loved one to give you a sign that says, "I'm here. You're okay."
10. Look for longer-term solutions. Remember that people under stress tend to "self-medicate" with alcohol, cigarettes, other drugs, or even food or exercise. These ways of shutting out what is going on in your relationships won't solve the problem.

Brenda Rawlings is a counsellor who has worked with hundreds of couples in New Zealand and Australia:

How To Get Over An Ex In 6 Easy Steps

By R G Kennedy
Knowing how to get over an ex can be the difference between a few days of pain or a few years of drawn out suffering. Hurt ego, the effect on your self-confidence and the anger that you may have for that person are some factors which are involved in the process of forgetting someone who broke your heart, and this requires additional steps in order to forget that person.
As soon as a relationship has ended, a person can sometimes suffer for a long period of time caused by his hurt ego, and not the love that he had for the person that has broken his heart. This means that you'll be able to get over the person totally and still feel the pain caused by the bad emotions related to how you were rejected and dumped that will remain.
So how can I get over my ex?
Here are the steps needed to forget the person who has hurt you.
  1. Recovering your ego: Hating the person or revenge are two things that you shouldn't do when trying to heal your ego. These are not the solutions to your issue. This would only just make you turn out to be a resentful being. A better way to heal a hurt ego is by being strong and to show that person that he just lost the most valuable "thing" in his life and that is you of course. Divert all your bad feelings and anger in motivating yourself to be a better person, and eventually your ex will know your progress and realize of his loss.
  2. Boost your self-confidence: People sometimes fail to recover after a breakup because of self-esteem problems and it's not because for the love they had towards the person who broke their heart and dumped them.
  3. Discard the old memories: Remove all the things that will remind you of him such as pictures, gifts, etc. Stop listening to sad romantic music and avoid going to places that both of you used to go to.
  4. He is not the "One": There are still many potential partners out there waiting for your attention. You only knew one of them so far. The idea of the "one" is just a false belief that has been fed to you and influenced by the media.
  5. Don't think about him: It may be hard at first but you'll get used to it eventually.
  6. Don't listen to romantic, depressing and sad songs: Avoid listening to these kind of music, but instead go for the opposite types of music such as songs about coming out on top over adversity and about being strong. This will help programme your mind into getting over with the person who broke your heart.
Hi, my name is R.G.Kennedy, the founder of
If you'd like more help on this issue, visit my article on how to get over your ex by avoiding the common pitfall of indulging in regret about what happened.
In addition, if it's a guy you're trying to get over, follow this 4 point plan on how to get over an ex boyfriend. These 4 points are guaranteed to make you feel better in a short space of time.

Better Work Work Balance and How It Improves Your Relationships

By Chris J Walker
A lot of people don't know about the benefits of sustainable effort.
The main benefit being - Not burning out mid week.
The vast majority of us get to Thursday and start gulping sugar and coffee just to survive...
Maintaining a healthy week is vital. Hints for it come from sport...
1. Warm up for the week (Don't make Sunday a slothful day and expect to hit the ground running on Monday)
2. Any thoughts of mid week sprints, late night shifts or heavy partying needs to be compensated for with recovery soon after, not at the end of the week... (ie sleeping in Saturday is just bad management - unless it's for romantic reasons)
3. Food, hydration and stamina play a massive role in sustainable energy for the week.
Whenever I go to social events I see the struggling work people. Those who are partying hard, drinking heavy, releasing tension but killing themselves in the process. Sometimes they're the people who complain most about the "race".. their boss, the company or stress but really, their energy gets blown on Friday mindset and Saturday Night "let your hair down".. who pays?
The Relationship pays
Work life balance is a very poor way of self management. In this old model a person balances their work with their life.
Life is not meant to balance work.
If we can balance work with work, and not get so far out of balance we'll come home happier.
A partner doesn't sign up to play nurse-maid, or daddy to a burned out exec. That's unromantic and disrespectful
Many people don't stand up for themselves so, disrespect and unromantic behaviour causes them resentment, no matter how lovingly accepting they are. I have seen people get ill from resentment.
When it comes to work life balance people do crazy things... because it's so lumpy they have too much work stress to balance in too short a period of time so they have affairs, drink heavy, and even join spiritual groups and become anti establishment.
This is all caused by poor work work balance.
When you hear someone say, "oh, I'm so looking forward to the weekend" it ultimately means, their partner, boyfriend or girlfriend is going to become part of their balancing equation. Is that fair?
We know that expectations block love, so, when a person starts dumping the quality of the present moment, and looking forward to the evening, weekend, or Christmas holidays, basically they're saying, "I'm out of balance and sprinting to the finish"... they're also saying "I know I'm in an unsustainable, low quality work productivity mode, but that's ok, I'll survive till.... "
If their partner has any self respect at all they'll reject a burned out, exhausted, demanding individual who comes to the weekend looking to "take a break" it's just not good enough. Bad self management is not justifiable and affects the children, pets, partner and friends.
Many people, who are out of balance and sprinting for the finish, use food, substance, alcohol, drugs, sex, spirituality and greed to get them through the week, year, day... the long term cost of that behavior is extreme.
Chris Walker is a visionary business consultant and of the world's leading facilitators of Personal/Professional Development. Author, consultant and professional speaker, his considered a leader in the field of human potential and lifestyles for success. His VIP and Mastery Programs have been attended by thousands of individuals around the world seeking tools to live life and manage their careers to their fullest potential.
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