Sunday, April 15, 2012

Better Work Work Balance and How It Improves Your Relationships

By Chris J Walker
A lot of people don't know about the benefits of sustainable effort.
The main benefit being - Not burning out mid week.
The vast majority of us get to Thursday and start gulping sugar and coffee just to survive...
Maintaining a healthy week is vital. Hints for it come from sport...
1. Warm up for the week (Don't make Sunday a slothful day and expect to hit the ground running on Monday)
2. Any thoughts of mid week sprints, late night shifts or heavy partying needs to be compensated for with recovery soon after, not at the end of the week... (ie sleeping in Saturday is just bad management - unless it's for romantic reasons)
3. Food, hydration and stamina play a massive role in sustainable energy for the week.
Whenever I go to social events I see the struggling work people. Those who are partying hard, drinking heavy, releasing tension but killing themselves in the process. Sometimes they're the people who complain most about the "race".. their boss, the company or stress but really, their energy gets blown on Friday mindset and Saturday Night "let your hair down".. who pays?
The Relationship pays
Work life balance is a very poor way of self management. In this old model a person balances their work with their life.
Life is not meant to balance work.
If we can balance work with work, and not get so far out of balance we'll come home happier.
A partner doesn't sign up to play nurse-maid, or daddy to a burned out exec. That's unromantic and disrespectful
Many people don't stand up for themselves so, disrespect and unromantic behaviour causes them resentment, no matter how lovingly accepting they are. I have seen people get ill from resentment.
When it comes to work life balance people do crazy things... because it's so lumpy they have too much work stress to balance in too short a period of time so they have affairs, drink heavy, and even join spiritual groups and become anti establishment.
This is all caused by poor work work balance.
When you hear someone say, "oh, I'm so looking forward to the weekend" it ultimately means, their partner, boyfriend or girlfriend is going to become part of their balancing equation. Is that fair?
We know that expectations block love, so, when a person starts dumping the quality of the present moment, and looking forward to the evening, weekend, or Christmas holidays, basically they're saying, "I'm out of balance and sprinting to the finish"... they're also saying "I know I'm in an unsustainable, low quality work productivity mode, but that's ok, I'll survive till.... "
If their partner has any self respect at all they'll reject a burned out, exhausted, demanding individual who comes to the weekend looking to "take a break" it's just not good enough. Bad self management is not justifiable and affects the children, pets, partner and friends.
Many people, who are out of balance and sprinting for the finish, use food, substance, alcohol, drugs, sex, spirituality and greed to get them through the week, year, day... the long term cost of that behavior is extreme.
Chris Walker is a visionary business consultant and of the world's leading facilitators of Personal/Professional Development. Author, consultant and professional speaker, his considered a leader in the field of human potential and lifestyles for success. His VIP and Mastery Programs have been attended by thousands of individuals around the world seeking tools to live life and manage their careers to their fullest potential.
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