Sunday, April 15, 2012

How To Get Over An Ex In 6 Easy Steps

By R G Kennedy
Knowing how to get over an ex can be the difference between a few days of pain or a few years of drawn out suffering. Hurt ego, the effect on your self-confidence and the anger that you may have for that person are some factors which are involved in the process of forgetting someone who broke your heart, and this requires additional steps in order to forget that person.
As soon as a relationship has ended, a person can sometimes suffer for a long period of time caused by his hurt ego, and not the love that he had for the person that has broken his heart. This means that you'll be able to get over the person totally and still feel the pain caused by the bad emotions related to how you were rejected and dumped that will remain.
So how can I get over my ex?
Here are the steps needed to forget the person who has hurt you.
  1. Recovering your ego: Hating the person or revenge are two things that you shouldn't do when trying to heal your ego. These are not the solutions to your issue. This would only just make you turn out to be a resentful being. A better way to heal a hurt ego is by being strong and to show that person that he just lost the most valuable "thing" in his life and that is you of course. Divert all your bad feelings and anger in motivating yourself to be a better person, and eventually your ex will know your progress and realize of his loss.
  2. Boost your self-confidence: People sometimes fail to recover after a breakup because of self-esteem problems and it's not because for the love they had towards the person who broke their heart and dumped them.
  3. Discard the old memories: Remove all the things that will remind you of him such as pictures, gifts, etc. Stop listening to sad romantic music and avoid going to places that both of you used to go to.
  4. He is not the "One": There are still many potential partners out there waiting for your attention. You only knew one of them so far. The idea of the "one" is just a false belief that has been fed to you and influenced by the media.
  5. Don't think about him: It may be hard at first but you'll get used to it eventually.
  6. Don't listen to romantic, depressing and sad songs: Avoid listening to these kind of music, but instead go for the opposite types of music such as songs about coming out on top over adversity and about being strong. This will help programme your mind into getting over with the person who broke your heart.
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