Sunday, April 15, 2012

7 Embarrassing Mistakes Guys Make With Women

Something She Will NEVER Tell to Your Face. BUT Making just ONE of these mistakes hurts your chances.

AND Making two or more virtually guarantees you’ll get rejected!
Watch this free video series to discover …
  • The “chasing” mistake – how you show your interest in a way that makes you appear desperate …
  • The “drink test” – the mistake nearly every guy makes when a girl asks him to buy a drink (hint: it’s NOT a matter of saying yes or no!)
  • The “kissing blunder” made BEFORE the first kiss … this not only hurts your chances of getting one, but ensures the kiss will go badly!
  • The #1 body language mistake that says “I’m not sexually confident” …
And much more …

7 Embarrassing Mistakes Guys Make with Women
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